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Things To Do In Grand Forks, ND

Explore Downtown at the Grand Forks Town Square: Downtown Grand Forks features several entertainment and activity options to fill an entire afternoon for you and your family. This district honors the rich history of the city as a trading hub. Back then, bootleggers, riverboat captains, and fur traders stopped in the city on the banks of the Red River of the North to trade. Today, downtown Grand Forks carries vibrant public art, unique levees, and interesting shopping destinations. Downtown also hosts various events like art walks and buzzing nightlife spots like taverns and karaoke joints. You can also grab a tasty meal at the local eateries. How do you enter this district? You pass through the iconic Paddlewheel, a wheel of stainless steel that serves as an archway that welcomes each visitor.

Check Out Masterpieces at the North Dakota Museum of Art: The North Dakota Museum of Art should expand your horizons through its diverse collections of national, regional, and international art. Likewise, you can check out the museum’s innovative human rights exhibitions. The museum also works with international works and commissions landmark artworks featuring the Northern Plains. During your visit, you can also drop by the museum’s permanent collections. One of these collections is the apartment of the late New York City artist and collector Barton Benes. The apartment features his collections of global oddities and African art. Your kids might also enjoy the museum’s children’s activities while you listen to a guest lecture. Then, you can head to the gift shop afterward or hang out at the weekday café.

Beat the Heat at Splasher’s of the South Seas: Bring your family to the Splasher’s of the South Seas indoor water park to beat the searing summer heat. The waterpark features various amenities like a lazy river, a hot tub, a pool, and exciting waterslides. Your kids can also splash around the kiddie pool. Likewise, the park also has 13 family cabanas for you to enjoy, complete with a concession stand and bright water features. All that swimming will make you hungry, so head to Garbonzo’s Pizza and Arcade for an afternoon of fun.

Remember the Worst Flood in City History at the Flood Memorial Monument: In 1997, the worst flood to hit Grand Forks in history happened, taking several lives and causing immense damage to homes and infrastructure. The city’s closeness to a pair of rivers makes it prone to heavy flooding. To remember the Great Flood of 1997, the city built the Flood Memorial Monument. This monument should also remind guests of what nature can do. You can find the Flood Memorial Monument on a flooded bridge. It takes the form of an obelisk, which also marks the flooding levels that have occurred along the river. The monument also bears the years of major floods with their maximum water levels. Likewise, the obelisk’s peak represents the height of the 1997 flood. Usually, you can walk right up to the obelisk and admire it from one of the nearby benches.