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Looking at Roof Maintenance Plans – Do I Need One?

Roof maintenance is one of the most overlooked home maintenance tasks that can lead to greater expenses further down the line.

One way that some roofing companies help their customers with this problem is by offering maintenance plans to ensure all required maintenance is performed on schedule.

Roofing maintenance plans are a good investment for the protection of every homeowner’s roof by ensuring regular maintenance is always performed. 


Why Should Homeowners Consider Roof Maintenance Plans? 

The most significant reason why any homeowner should consider signing up for a roof maintenance plan is that it makes keeping up with roof care easy and more affordable.

Roofing maintenance plans help homeowners remember that their roofs, even when brand new, require care to ensure the longest possible service life.

In signing up for a plan, homeowners receive the best care for their installation over the years in a timely manner, preventing the damage that can occur when maintenance is overlooked year after year.

It is also a more affordable way to protect against damage caused by neglect, which can end up requiring much more expensive roofing repairs. 

What Do Roofing Maintenance Plans Include? 

The maintenance plans offered by roofing companies will differ according to the type of roof, its age, and the care that is required to keep it looking and performing its best.

Roof maintenance plans typically include yearly inspections to verify the condition of the roof and all of its components and then perform whatever routine care is normal for that roof, such as seasonal gutter cleaning, and occasional roof cleaning if necessary.

Additionally, contractors will work out a specific plan and maintenance schedule according to each roof’s needs and the care that is recommended by the roofing materials manufacturer.

In this way, homeowners can be assured that any developing age-related problems are addressed before they worse and any new damage is detected soon after it happens, so it can be repaired quickly before turning into a bigger problem. 

Roof Maintenance Plans Protect Homeowner Warranties

A critical factor that many homeowners fail to understand is that for their roofing warranties to remain valid, they must provide all of the roofing maintenance required by the materials manufacturer.

Warranties typically contain clauses that state the manufacturer is not responsible for damage if the installation has not received regular inspections and maintenance.

By signing up for a maintenance plan with a roofing company, homeowners are assured that not only will their installation receive regular attention, but it will also receive the specific care required by their roofing materials manufacturer, keeping the warranty active.

Then in the event that there is some kind of problem with the materials that are covered by the warranty, the roofer can verify that maintenance was performed as required, facilitating the application of the warranty. 

Roof Maintenance Plans Make Maintenance Upkeep Easy 

Though many homeowners have good intentions to keep up with their roof maintenance, it is easy to forget about it until some kind of problem is noticed.

By that time, the damage might be more severe and any warranties may be voided.

Instead, signing up for a roofing maintenance plan with a well-known local roofer can solve all of these and many other problems.

By partnering with an experienced roofing company to provide regular inspections and scheduled, required maintenance, homeowners ensure the health of their roof for as long as possible!

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