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Top Reasons to Consider Metal Roofing in Texas!

Metal roofs are one of the best roofing options for enduring the extreme and variable weather conditions in Texas.

When installed by experienced metal roofing contractors, these roofs are energy-efficient and can withstand most weather for decades.

These are the top reasons why homeowners should consider hiring metal roofing services for their next installation and enjoy the benefits of a metal roof!

1. Strength and Longevity

In comparison to asphalt or wood shingles and other popular types of roofing, metal roofs are much stronger and have longer service lives.

Depending on the metal gauge chosen, homeowners can expect their professionally installed metal roofs to last 50 to 75 years and sometimes even longer.

2. Energy Efficiency

Installations done by experienced metal roofing contractors can turn a hot house into a much cooler one due to the reflective nature of metal roofing.

Metal roofs reflect more UV energy than they allow into the attic space, resulting in reduced energy demands to keep the house cool and comfortable during the hot Texas summer.

3. Low Maintenance Requirements

When properly installed by a metal roofing service, metal roofs have minimal maintenance requirements in comparison to most other types of roofing.

Other than having the fasteners regularly checked during routine inspections and keeping the roof clean, there is little else required to keep these systems in great condition and functioning well.

Some roofs may need an occasional new coat of metal-protective paint, but little else.

4. Durability Against Extreme Weather

One of the best advantages of having a metal roof in Texas is how durable they are against all types of extreme weather.

Premium, heavy-duty systems that are properly installed and regularly checked for tightness are not only UV and waterproof, but they can withstand most hail without damage as well.

Systems designed with added clamps and attachments are even wind-rated to withstand hurricane-force winds.

5. Fire Resistance

In congested neighborhoods or anywhere close to wooded areas, installations by metal roofing contractors make a safer option for protecting homes from flying embers.

It is such an important feature that some insurance companies offer policy discounts to homeowners who choose these roofs, as their fire risk as well as other damage risks is significantly lowered.

6. Many Styles and Colors

Metal roofing services have access to multiple styles of metal roofs, from traditional standing seam to a variety of metal shingles and panels in a wide selection of colors.

Homeowners can choose a style that mimics the look of slate, Spanish tile, or other more expensive roofing and have it installed in a color that perfectly suits their taste.

7. A Cost-Effective Investment

With so many features and benefits, metal roofs end up being a cost-effective home investment.

Though their initial installation price may be slightly higher than the cost of popular asphalt shingles, metal roofs last long, withstand greater extremes, save more money on utilities, and require less maintenance, making them a long-term win.

Consider A Strong, Efficient Metal Roof When Replacing A Texas Roof

Homeowners have many roofing systems to choose from when the time comes to replace their roof.

The points above suggest why installation by an experienced metal roofing contractor can be the best option for those residing in Texas.

When expertly installed by a skilled metal roofing service, metal roofs are one of the most durable, high-performing, and long-lasting options to invest in!

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