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Things To Do In Cleveland, OH

CHECK OUT THE ARCADE CLEVELAND: I’ve been to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuel II in Milan twice now, so I recognized the inspiration in the Arcade Cleveland immediately! Shopping arcades are more normal in Europe, but they’re actually quite a rarity in the US nowadays. This gorgeous building was first built in 1890 as the first indoor shopping center in the US. Are we surprised Rockefeller was one of its financiers? The Arcade Cleveland is made of two 9-story buildings with a 5-story arcade glass that spans over 300 feet. Today the top 3 levels make up the Hyatt Regency and the bottom levels are full of different shops. We got breakfast at the 1890 Restaurant.

GRAB LUNCH AT THE BUTCHER AND THE BREWER: Like the name suggests, the Butcher and the Brewer specializes in meat and beer. It’s less than a 5-minute walk from the Kimpton Schofield, so if you arrive in the middle of the day like we did, it’s a great place to stop by for a late lunch or early dinner. You’re meant to share the dishes, and they have their own in-house brewery, butcher, and charcutier! My mom got the mac and cheese, and I got the smoked lamb ribs, and we split two baked pretzels. It doesn’t sound like it’ll be good, but try the roasted garlic caramel sauce with your pretzel — I promise you won’t be disappointed. The restaurant is on East 4th street, which is closed off to traffic. There are a bunch of bars and other restaurants here as well!

DON’T MISS THE OTHER NEARBY ARCADES: While the Euclid Avenue and the 5th Street Avenue Shopping Arcades aren’t quite as grandiose as the Arcade Cleveland, they are still quite nice in their own rights and worthing adding to your list of things to do in Cleveland. Plus they’re across the street and next to each other, so why not see some of the fun little shops in them. Near the 5th Street there’s a fun store with random knick-knacks and candy.

TAKE IN THE VIEWS OF CLEVELAND FROM THE OBSERVATION DECK AT THE TERMINAL TOWER: Nowadays, you can now go up to the tower’s observation deck! It’s on the 42nd floor of the 52-story building and has views of the whole city. Just be mindful of when it’s open. You have to reserve tickets for about $5 a person here as you can’t walk-up and get them. When you arrive, just go to the main desk, and a woman will be hanging out to let you know when you can go. There’s no point in being super early, we got there at like 3:15 for 3:30 and she said come back at 3:25, so we just went to the Starbucks nearby to wait 10 minutes.

PAY HOMAGE AT THE JESSE OWENS STATUE: I mean, I barely ran track in school, and even I know who Jesse Owens is! He’s one of the most famous Olympians not only because he was an incredible track star but because he proved his talent at one of the most contentious sporting events in recent history — the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Anyway, while Owens was born in Alabama and passed away in Arizona, he actually spent his formative years in Cleveland, Ohio! There’s a cool bronze statue in Fort Washington Park that’s been there since 1982 to commemorate his legacy.