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Things To Do In Corvallis, OR

William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge: The significant sanctuary is located ten miles south of Corvallis and includes the Willamette Valley wet prairie. The almost exclusive winter home of Dusky Canada Geese from November through to March. The geese have suffered a decline in population due to environmental changes and the wetlands are managed to promote the flourishing of the geese and other wildlife who feed on the millet and sedges grown here. The William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge is accessible by two roads and two trails throughout the year, with four viewpoints providing kiosks and bulletin boards for convenience.

Oregon State University: The largest university in the state, Oregon State University has a rich history. Since offering its first college curriculum in 1865, the university enjoyed notable status as an agricultural institution for many decades. Now recognised as a public research center, the university provides an internationally renowned education to students from over 100 countries. The university is proud of its alumni who are attributed with the creation of the artificial heart valve and the computer mouse – these pioneering efforts have seen the university recognised as a top 1% university in the world.

Bald Hill Natural Area: A nature lover’s haven, the trails leading to the summit of Bald Hill are framed by lush prairie plants such as the endangered Willamette daisy and the threatened Nelson’s checkermallow. The first property to come under the protection of the Greenbelt Land Trust, Bald Hill Natural Area uses traditional fire methods to restore its oak woodlands and protect its prairies. Open from 6am, hiking or mountain biking to the summit affords breathtaking views.

2 Towns Ciderhouse: Oregon’s largest craft cider producer, 2 Towns Ciderhouse is the result of strong friendships forging an innovative path in crafting historic cider using seasonal whole fruits. A company that values its place in the community, 2 Towns hosts an annual harvest party, Brewfest and promotions throughout the year. Their Tap Room offers 14 rotating ciders, as well as bottled varieties that can be enjoyed on site in a welcoming atmosphere from noon daily. Dining options are available, but admission is limited to adults over 21.

Peavy Arboretum: An historic treasure of the region, Peavy Arboretum has facilitated the outdoor education of generations of nature lovers. The land reveals the presence of the native Kalapuya people in its numerous lithic scatters and the evidence of regular burning through the diversified forest. Open from 5am, visitors can enjoy a picnic by the pristine pond or one of the numerous hiking trails through the forested mountain. Peavy Arboretum is an iconic living laboratory for the students of Oregon State University whose forestry research is recognised internationally.